Seamless Verification and Retirement of ecoCredits Across Blockchains

The Future of ecoCredits

The ecoLedger

With our collaborations and technology, we unlock liquidity for credit providers in the voluntary credit market.

Incentivizing Sustainability

ecoToken’s curated platform for environmental credits directly links funders to vetted projects for targeted impact.

User Interface

Easily manage all of your environmental credits in one place.

Carbon Credits

Buy and retire credits across multiple registries, all in one location.

Water Credits

Pioneering and funding water credit retirement projects on-chain.


Credits Retired


Credit Classes


Live Projects

Offset with verifiable proof

Carbon Credits

Water Credits

Blockchain Solutions

Project Finacing

Cross-Chain Environmental Credits

Web3 voluntary credit platform

Infrastructure to access climate impact

ecoToken’s platform provides an on-chain hub for both companies and individuals to effortlessly fund upcoming projects or buy and retire verified credits from projects with climate solutions.

  • One-Stop Shop
  • Project Choice
  • Blockchain Native
  • Direct Impact
  • High Quality Credits
  • Verification & Proof
  • Cross-Chain Retirement
  • Offset Now or Later

Credit Retirement Process

Offset across blockchains

Tokenized credit retirement is simple and secure with ecoToken’s NFT Impact Certificates and platform technology.

  • Select ecoProject
  • Connect Wallet
  • Enter Name & Amount to Offset
  • Purchase & Mint NFT Impact Certificate

Retire Cross-Chain

Secure Record of Offset

Easy to use

Offset now or retire later

Curated Projects

Personalized Impact

Explore high-impact environmental projects, offering carbon credits with added environmental co-benefits. Tailored for both individuals and corporations, our platform provides flexible purchase options and showcases your offset with a unique NFT Impact Certificate.

  • One-Stop Shop
  • Blockchain Native
  • Direct Impact
  • High Quality Credits
  • Verification & Proof
  • Cross-chain

Drive Change and Bring a Project to Life

We facilitate democratized access to quality environmental projects, empowering a broader range of stakeholders to influence grassroots innovation.

Project Funding

The ecoSystem connects environmental project developers with businesses looking to have a direct impact.

Environmental Consulting

ecoToken works as a consultant for ecoProjects to help generate new revenue streams with credit creation.

Marketing & Awareness

Environmental project supporters are positioned as environmental leaders, helping to promote their brand and public image.

Return on Funds

ecoProjects provide funders a return through discounted credits or cash back from revenue streams.

Pre-Fund Water Credits Now

Receive a discounted rate and additional return as we pioneer
verifiable on-chain water credits.

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