Our Story

Initial Efforts

Identified Challenges

Complexity in Offsetting

We aim to simplify offsetting, making it accessible for anyone. Our goal is to integrate the environmental impact of offsetting into on-chain identities.

  • Future rewards for participants in offsetting
  • Promote economic sustainability of ecological impacts
  • Incorporate universal and high quality verification for each offset

Fragmentation and Opacity in Traditional ecoCredit Markets

ecoLedger introduces comprehensive ecoCredit interoperability as our solution. It enables smooth ecoCredit transactions across multiple blockchains with a clear, verifiable transaction record. This record aligns with the initiation registry, serving as a secondary proof of the credit’s location and ownership for its retirement. We believe this is crucial for achieving full ecoCredit interoperability.

  • Access ecoCredits from various sources
  • Verification of ecoCredits across blockchains
  • Allows projects to utilize ecoLedger for new ecoCredit integrations

What Does ecoToken Do?

We connect businesses and individuals to economically viable environmental projects with high-quality credits through our on-chain platform. By introducing new revenue streams to environmental projects and endorsing novel, scalable technologies with a significant potential to positively impact our planet, we are able to make environmental regeneration economically viable.

Our Products


A decentralized record that notes all environmental credits listed, sold, and retired on various blockchains. The ecoLedger provides transparency to the flow of credits across blockchains, preventing overselling and ensuring transactional integrity.

ecoToken dapp

A user interface that adds functionality to the ecoLedger. It permits the sale of various ecocredit types across multiple blockchains, issues NFT Impact Certificates, supports Impact Scoreboards, and application integrations.

The ecoToken Team

James Bettauer

CEO & Founder

James, an entrepreneur deeply involved in ReFi and Tokenized Real World Assets, particularly in the water sector, founded the ecoToken mission after a career in professional athletics. His understanding of sustainability is rooted in his masters thesis on carbon credits, and he also holds an MBA.

Forrest Rohr

COO & Sales Lead

Over a decade of experience in sales and management. He has managed and trained over 1,000 sales representatives and 25 sales managers throughout Canada. He recently came off of building a sales team of fifty in eighteen months.

Alexander Paredes


Over 15 years of experience leading web application development in both the private and public sectors. He specializes in using agile methodologies to craft scalable software solutions, optimize cloud infrastructure, and foster high-performing teams.

Kerstin Butzelaar

Marketing Manager

Kerstin is a communications and marketing professional with a background in tech and investor relations. She has extensive experience in public relations and crisis management.