How To Offset

Cross-chain credit retirement

Save time and improve productivity with a customizable workflow, allowing you to automate repetitive tasks and focus on what matters most.

1. Project Selection

Choose the project you want to support.

2. Connect Wallet

Connect your Solana wallet to ecoToken’s website.

3. Enter Details

Enter name credited with the offset and the amount of ecoCredits to retire. 

4. Purchase & Mint

Click purchase and approve. Pay in USDC or SOL to complete credit retirement.

Introducing NFT Impact Certificates

Retiring on-chain carbon credits, across different blockchains with NFT Impact Certificates provides the potential for decentralized, inclusive, and scalable action in the movement towards environmental conservation and restoration. 

On-chain Proof of Impact

Integrating NFT technology in our platform unlocks the power of genuine and verifiable environmental credit retirement. Tokenizing environmental credit retirement as an NFT means each credit is unique, authentic, traceable, and individually identifiable.

Easy Credit Retirement

NFT Impact Certificates elevate the ease with which holders can retire their environmental credits—whether they are carbon, water, or biodiversity—across multiple blockchains, ensuring a seamless and straightforward process. This means that your efforts in offsetting environmental impacts are not only recognized but also securely and permanently recorded on the blockchain.

Each NFT Impact Certificate Contains

  • Number and type of credits produced
  • Number and type of credits produced
  • Project type
  • Location of project
  • Project producer
  • Name of entity responsible for retirement (user input)
  • Date of retirement
  • Credit and batch ID number
  • Metadata containing the transaction hash of credit retirement

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