ecoToken Unveils New Beta Platform, Simplifying Access to and Retirement of Carbon Credits Across Blockchains

ecoToken unveils its innovative platform in beta stage that streamlines the purchase and retirement of carbon credits into a user-friendly process. The platform enables users to retire Web3 native Regen credits on Solana with NFT proof of impact. Partnering with Regen Network, ecoToken is able to provide its users with access to many types of on-chain environmental credits from the Regen Ledger in the voluntary credit market.

ecoToken’s platform operates as a bridge between ecocredit producing projects and environmentally conscious corporations and individuals who are passionate about contributing to sustainable environmental endeavours. With the creation of ecoToken’s ecoNFT Impact Certificates (ecoNFTs), ecoToken has connected Solana and Regen Ledger with NFT verified credit retirement. This marks the first time Regen credits can be retired on Solana.

Through the ecoToken platform, users can select an environmental project they wish to support, the amount of credits to retire on the Regen Network, pay for credits in USDC or SOL, and mint their ecoNFT on Solana with the embedded transaction hash and full details of their carbon credit purchase. Users simply need to visit ecoToken’s platform, login with their Solana wallet, and select a project of their choice to support.

Here’s a simple guide to the process:

  • Users visit and log in with their Solana wallet and select a project they want to support.
  • Users fill in details on who is credited with offsetting emissions and choose the number of credits to retire.
  • Users pay for credits in USDC or SOL and confirm the transaction, which retires the credits on Regen Network and mints an NFT on Solana with the retirement hash from Regen Ledger embedded into the NFT as proof of offset.

The ecoNFT Impact Certificate includes essential details such as the number of credits purchased, project name and location, producer of the credits, the user who retired the credits, date retired, and the Credit ID number for batch identification. Each ecoNFT also contains metadata that includes the transaction hash of credit retirement, ensuring transparency and accountability.

The platform currently hosts an array of projects from Regen Network, and will also serve as the main platform for retiring water credits when they become available. Offsets from Regen Network feature a diverse collection of fully on-chain City Forest Credits, REDD+ credits, NCT basketed credits, and soon, natively blockchain credits from Regen Registry. ecoToken’s platform is designed to grow and evolve, continually welcoming new environmental projects and collaborating with project developers who already have a methodology in place. Additionally, ecoToken’s team will at a future date, work hand-in-hand with developers to create methodologies for future environmental projects, ensuring a continuous pipeline of innovative environmental solutions.

“EcoToken’s mission is one to make carbon credits available anywhere there is demand is essential to meet the growing desire for climate positive action among crypto users as well as traditional business. EcoToken has been a joy to work with and this is just the beginning!”

Gregory Landua CEO, Regen Network Development PBC.

With the launch of our platform, we invite you to be a part of this journey to support decentralized grassroots environmental innovation. Join us in fostering a symbiotic relationship between technology and nature, creating lasting impacts, and setting new standards for environmental stewardship. Together, we can drive change and redefine the future of sustainability.

“ecoToken’s mission is to leverage the power of blockchain to create a more sustainable world. The launch of our platform represents a significant stride towards achieving this goal. By providing user-friendly, transparent, and verifiable tools for environmental offsetting, we empower individuals and organizations to make a positive impact on our planet.”

James Bettauer, CEO of ecoToken