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Accelerate impactful environmental projects in local communities and advance your corporate climate goals with strategic pre-funding. Your upfront investment drives immediate action and, in return, you receive valuable environmental credits, directly contributing to your sustainability commitments. Engage in a meaningful partnership that nurtures community development and fortifies your environmental leadership.

Water Credits | Orlando, Florida

Septic Waste Treatment

Provide a more environmentally friendly solution for the treatment of septic waste water.

The project treats both septic and restaurant waste streams at drop sites. This process drastically reduces the carbon emissions of transport and treatment of the waste while adding to the usable water supply in the area. The project also saves the grease normally disposed of to be refined and used as biodiesel, adding renewable energy as a co-benefit.

The estimated environmental impact is a 834 MTCO2 reduction per year along with 70,000 M3 of treated water returned to the local utility system.

Carbon Credits | BC, Canada

Manure Lagoon Remediation

Treating the water in manure lagoons drastically reduces the green house gas emissions (GHG) from livestock farms.

Water treatment units convert the methane emissions into CO2, reducing GHG by over 95%. As the lagoon is treated into a more liquified state, the farmer can directly water their crops by connecting their sprinkler lines to the lagoon water.

This process has been shown to increase crop yield, reduce odour, and simplify the spreading of manure on the fields.

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