Harvey Manning Park Expansion

Description: The 15.14-acre Harvey Manning Park Expansion project is part of 33-acres in the “Issaquah Alps”, an area comprised of Tiger, Squak, and Cougar Mountains, located above Lake Sammamish. The area plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the ecological integrity of the region. Nestled within the Issaquah city limits and the mountains to Sound Greenway National Heritage Area corridor, this century-old forest embodies a diverse array of riparian and wetland habitats. These ecosystems not only foster thriving wildlife corridors on Cougar Mountain but also serve as the guardians of pristine freshwater streams that nourish Tibbetts Creek, a vital salmon-bearing tributary to Lake Sammamish. This monumental conservation effort is a testament to the collaborative spirit of the City of Issaquah, the community, King County, and the Trust for Public Land.

Status: Active

Location: Issaquah, Washington, United States

Type: Carbon

Class: City Forest Credits

Registry: Regen Ledger

Method: Carbon Avoidance

Methodology: Tree Preservation: Avoided emission or avoided conversion protocol which allows users to receive ex-post credits for projects which have preserved urban forests. Tree Planting: Afforestation/reforestation protocol quantified based on forecasted CO2 storage over the course of 26 years.

Protocol: Preservation Protocol – 40 years

Certifications: ICORA Approved

Price: 36

Batch: C02-004-20210102-20211207-001

Priority: 4

Escrow: regen1xfw890d6chkud69c9h3rrhcgjg4zaqaqf0543r