NOAH Septic Treatment System

Description: The septic waste disposal facility in Orlando, Florida is seeking a new technology that will provide a more environmentally friendly solution for the treatment of septic waste water. Currently, septic waste is treated with lime before it is shipped 60 miles and sprayed on agricultural fields. This process has significant CO2 emissions and can lead to the accumulation of excess nutrients in the soil. The dehumidification technology by NOAH Solutions will allow for the treatment of 100% of the septic waste water on site. It is expected that only 8% solids will remain. The solid waste will be sterilized and suitable as fertilizer. The remaining 92% of potable water (PPM below 70) will meet approved guidelines and will be disposed of back into the Florida public water system. This will eliminate the need for transportation and the potential of harmful minerals seeping into agricultural land. A second unit has been added on site to remove the fats, oils, and grease from the water for reuse as biodiesel. This project will produce Water Credits certified by the WaterDAO and Regen Network. These Water Credits have a co-benefit of Carbon Avoidance and Soil improvement. Initial environmental benefits are estimated at 69,000 m3 annual fresh water production and carbon avoidance of 892 mtCO2 per year.

Status: Pending

Method: Water Treatment

Credit: RH2O

Activity: Septic Water Treatment

Technology: Dehumidifaction System

Type: Water

Registry: Regen Ledger

Priority: 6