Sandy Cross Forest Preservation

Description: The Sandy Cross Forest Preservation Project, spearheaded by the Western Reserve Land Conservancy, is dedicated to the conservation of a 132-acre forest nestled within a 214-acre property in the Mansfield metro area. This lush, 85-year-old woodland boasts mature tree species including: American beech, yellow poplar, sugar maple, oak, black cherry, and pine. The forest is an essential stopover habitat for migratory birds that require large, intact stands of deciduous tress in Northeast Ohio. Surveys have also confirmed the presence of red-backed salamanders, a pollutant intolerant species, signifying the high-quality nature of the area. The preservation of this large intact forest creates substantial community benefits including carbon sequestration, flood mitigation, wildlife habitat, open space protection, and will ensure air and water quality. Forests of such magnitude are becoming increasingly scare in Richland County due to intensifying pressures from agricultural pursuits and urban sprawl from the neighbouring Village of Lexington.

Status: Active

Location: Lexington, Ohio, USA

Class: City Forest Credits

Type: Carbon

Registry: Regen Registry

Method: Carbon Avoidance

Protocol: Preservation Protocol – 40 years

Methodology: The property will be monitored annually to ensure its natural resources (including mature forest) are upheld to standards identified in the conservation restrictions. If a conservation easement is granted, layers of legal protection and stewardship monitoring will be granted through the easement with terms that will ensure continued provision of conservation benefits for generations to come.

Certifications: ICORA Approved

Price: 36

Batch: C02-002-20211012-20241013-001

Priority: 3

Escrow: regen1xfw890d6chkud69c9h3rrhcgjg4zaqaqf0543r